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Yamaha TZ750 crankcases

Kelgrif Patterns have been involved in a partnership to reproduce the famous Yamaha TZ750 crankcases. These motorbikes dominated the racing scene from their introduction in 1974 until the 1980’s. A lot of these engines then found their way into sidecars and as a result of the constant thrashing, most crankcases were broken beyond repair. In 2014 a partnership between Kelgrif Patterns, Mulholland Foundry, Milspec Manufacturing and Team Ditchburn Racing began work on making brand new crankcases. Ted Gorski spent 650 painstaking hours making all new timber patterns and coreboxes using a combination of drawings and the existing castings. For more information on the purchase of these crankcases, please contact Gary Kerr. Phone +61 (0)417 211 263 Email

Automotive work

Kelgrif Patterns prides itself on its work in the automotive field. Past projects include the manufacture of patterns for:
  • Performance intake manifolds
  • Cylinder heads
  • Custom air cleaner parts
  • Various hot rod accessories
  • Exhaust headers
  • Reproduction vintage motorcycle parts
  • Custom bell housings

Foundry work

Kelgrif Patterns specialise in all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous foundry patternmaking. We offer tooling for mass production runs or one-off castings. Kelgrif is happy to provide customers with finished casting, as we have many contacts within the business.